Burlingham PD2 1467 has received its first coats of external paint with the application of red primer. It’s still a long way from the final finish but for the first time in many years it’s beginning to look like a Ribble bus. The yellow window surrounds on the upper deck are masking tape, not a livery innovation.

Apart from some touching up all internal painting is complete and all windows are now fitted. Work has resumed on the cab electrics and further work to ‘plumb in’ the engine and gearbox etc is continuing. All wheel dishes have been sand blasted, primed and painted and will shortly be fitted with new tyres. Still plenty to do but definitely making progress.

Also note that in the background of the main photo can be seen the team working to scrape and sand the roof of 1349 in preparation for primer.

Red primer applied to 1467

Upper deck and roof also painted