PD3 1775 has received a lot of attention over the winter – see earlier blogs re the engine rebuild. This week the body work has been the focus of activity. The nearside rear downstairs has for some time shown signs of rusting behind the rexine so we have now stripped off the covering and replaced part of a steel panel which was badly rusted. The rest of the panel was sound so that has been given a coat of Jenolite for rust suppression and then primed. The outside panels were removed to check the condition of the inner panels and they have also been treated.

The photos show the work on the inner panel and the interior. Subsequently the external panels have been refitted and the paintwork touched up. The interior repairs are complete and the replacement rexine will be fitted this week. Over the next couple of months we should get the refurbished seat backs fitted so that 1775 will be ready for Ribble 100 at Morecambe.