Douglas Bailey MBE worked in the bus industry for 57 years, notably for Ribble and Stagecoach. Based mainly at Chorley as a driver he also served for many years as the local union rep and was also a Stagecoach pension trustee. For many years he has been a stalwart member of RVPT, among other things deploying his driving skills on our full range of buses including the ‘difficult’ ones which he drove faultlessly. Sadly Douglas has been in poor health over the past few months and now lives in a care home near Chorley.

In a very thoughtful initiative the northwest Stagecoach management and officials of the Unite Union decided to honour Douglas by placing his name on the side of a Gold Enviro 400 bus which regularly passes the care home on the 125 service. A small ceremony was held at the care home attended by Stagecoach and Unite representatives and the RVPT Chairman. The newly lettered bus was driven into the care home car park and shown to Douglas. The participants were then able to go inside for tea and to consume a cake in the shape of a Ribble bus (well, almost).