Like many we had hoped the new year would bring some relief from Covid-19 but unfortunately the situation has deteriorated. Work at our depot has had to be reduced to a minimal level so work on our restorations is delayed and other crucial repairs and upgrades are on hold. However, it’s not all negative as there has been significant progress with PD2 / Burlingham 1467 and Royal Tiger 377. With one or two minor exceptions all mechanical work on the former is complete and it recently had a run out on the yard operating under its own power for the first time in about 40 years. Some electrical work needs to be completed including final adjustments to the door mechanism on the notorious South Lancs sliding doors. All minor dents on the exterior bodywork have been dealt with and destination glass fitted. Once the electrical work is finished the lower saloon seats and poles will be fitted which will bring it close to completion and final painting. When grinding away over the months it’s easy to forget how much progress has been made but the accompanying photo is a reminder of where we started from.

Royal Tiger 377 has been receiving attention to exterior bodywork with elimination of minor dents and imperfections. The next stage will be work on the electrical system and bodywork in the cab area. This will resume once volunteers can get back to work. Also receiving attention is Leopard / Duple 1052 which is having bodywork refurbishment prior to a full exterior repaint.