With our continuing restrictions work has focussed on the restoration of PD2 1467 and repair work on TD5 2057 and PD3 1775. With electrical and mechanical work completed on 1467 (apart from a few minor tweaks) recent activity has been concentrated on bodywork, notably in the cab area. The cab floor has been installed and the cab door fitted along with a new nearside cab window. It is now close to being sanded prior to painting which we hope to complete by the end of May.

Previous blogs reported on the various repairs to 2057 which hopefully have now resolved all known problems. The engine transplant for 1775 has been successful and is now ready for test runs. As explained the engine came from 1793 which was in remarkably good condition given the overall state of the bus when we obtained it – see photo.

Another member of the fleet receiving attention is Leopard coach 1052. The roof vents had been prone to leakage so they have been repaired and the next task is to remove and reinstall the rear windows which need to be reseated. Along with some minor bodywork that should enable the coach to be ready for a full external repaint.