Reg: OCK 995K

Chassis: Bristol VRT/SL2

Body:  ECW H39/31F originally; now OT

Built: 1972 

1995 at Shipley in perfect open top weather

In 1971/2 Ribble took delivery of a batch of flat screen VRs all of which were originally allocated to Carlisle depot. 1995 was one of these and it remained with Ribble until 1985 when it moved to Eastern Counties, also a NBC company. By May 1986 it had been converted to open top and numbered OT5. A mechanical failure led to its withdrawal in 1992 and it started to be stripped for spares. However it was subsequently repaired and reinstated at Great Yarmouth. In 1999 it was sold to Guide Friday for use on the Norwich tour.

The next stage in its life was unusual as it was sold to Tennent Caledonian Breweries in Glasgow for promotional use. That ended in 2006 when it went to the Lancastrian Transport Trust and was operated by Classic Bus North West. It then passed through two private preservationists before being acquired by a consortium of RVPT members in 2017. Over the winter of 2017-8 it was renovated and painted in the current livery. Although this livery was not applied to any VRs in Ribble days it was used by open toppers in the 1980s and 1990s. It has proved very popular at our events since joining our collection – especially in good weather.