We’ve been concerned for some time about particles in the fuel system of Cheetah 1568 which among other things causes power loss. Consideration was given to having a new fuel tank made as we suspected there was residue in the tank which was being drawn into the fuel pipes. Once removed however it became apparent that the tank is in good condition so we then decided to give it a thorough clean with a steam lance. This dislodged a quantity of loose material which was flushed out until it ran clean. Once refitted we can see if this has solved the problem.

Although the interior of the coach looks smart we felt it really needed antimacassars to set it off properly. Thanks to the skill of Carol from Lytham Coach Trimming and the generosity of one of our members these have now been fitted (apart from two at the rear).

Flushing the tank

The interior with antimacassars in place