Further progress in the new year with PD2 1349 and Royal Tiger 377. Much of the work on 1349 is focussed on the windows which have had to be completely replaced. New window pans and new glass have been purchased and the pans have been trial fitted into the bus. In some cases minor amounts of trimming were needed to make them fit. Currently work is underway to build up the windows which include sliders (for ventilation); these are fully built on the bench and then fitted. They have also been painted prior to fitting as it’s easier to get a good finish this way.

The work on 377 continues to be concentrated on the interior. With all the offside panels now completed work has started on fitting the rexined panels to the nearside. Additionally, holes have been drilled in the nearside seat rail so that the seat frames can be bolted in. The mechanism for the rear emergency door is also being refurbished.