Plenty of activity in our depot in this first month of the year. PD3 ‘tank’ 1775 was rested in 2015 but will be back in our operational fleet this year. Over the past few weeks it has been receiving attention to the rear brakes including the fitting of new linings. Additionally, a cracked window at the foot of the stairs (the tinted one) has been replaced. It is now in the final stages of preparation for its MoT which should take place in February.

The painstaking rebuilding of the rear of Royal Tiger 377 continues with the fitting of the new emergency door and installation of wood framing prior to the fitting of the repaired dome which was retrieved from donor 386.

PD2 1349 is also being worked on with the emphasis on the mechanical side of things. The rear brake drums have been removed and cleaned up as have the hubs with new hub seals fitted. We are currently looking to get new window pans made which will then allow us to resume work on the body.