Despite the impact of covid restrictions (‘Plan B’) and the xmas / new year holiday period we have be able to make progress with our projects. Royal Tiger 377 is entering the final stages of its restoration; recent work has included the fitting of the driver’s side window and the folding entrance doors. Work has also commenced on the electrical systems; most recently all internal lights have been linked in and work well. The front windscreen is the next challenge.

Plenty of progress too with National 382. With a number of nearside structural panels having been replaced attention turned to the offside which is also now being refurbished. Morecambe Regent 72 is also entering the final stages of restoration. All seat frames are now fitted as are the various poles and grab rails. It has now received a first undercoat on the exterior panels.

As well as restorations a significant amount of work has been required on the running fleet. The gearbox for open top VR 1995 returned from repair and has been fitted. Atlantean 1481 has been undergoing some refurbishment of both bodywork and mechanical items. Trident 18139 and Olympian 2234 have both received running repairs.

The building itself continues to get attention. Recently some new guttering and a downpipe were added to part of the exterior and work has commenced to redecorate the entrance area of the main building.