A lot has been happening over the past few weeks despite the holiday period. Restoration work has concentrated on PD2 1467 and Royal Tiger 377. Having completed the wiring on 1467’s bodywork the ceiling panels have been fitted upstairs and down and the upstairs ones have been given a first coat of paint. Also painted are the upstairs window pans to allow the glass to be fitted in the near future. The rear wheel arches have also been fitted which allows the remaining external beading to be installed. Also during this period the painstaking work of linking up the brake rodding, vacuum pipes and steering linkages has been completed.

377’s external bodywork is nearing completion, the most recent work has focussed on eliminating minor blemishes to the front panel. One luggage rack has been fully refurbished and the other is now being worked on. Both had to be retrieved from donor bus 386 as 377 lost its racks when converted for carrying wheelchairs.

The operational fleet has also been receiving attention. The rebuilding of 1775’s engine was completed successfully and has been road tested. Many of the seats are away for refurbishment and the rusted area downstairs at the rear still needs to be dealt with but it will be available for the new ‘season’. Atlantean 1686 has been fully serviced and several electrical issues have been resolved. It should also be available during our centenary year. Another Atlantean, 1481, is also receiving attention. It will be fitted with a new exhaust system and its front springs are being refurbished. Some areas affected by rusting around the rear wheel arches are being stripped out and replaced. So, as can be seen, plenty going on.

1467 with ceiling panels in place and painted
Various items being ‘plumbed in’.
377’s front panel has received attention