With our area still subject to restrictions due to Covid only limited work has been possible recently. Despite that we have made progress with PD2 / Burlingham 1467 which has had a number of minor dents on the roof treated. It has also had a lot of work done to wiring, mainly in the cab area. Some mechanical work needs to be finished and seats fitted in the lower saloon but it is now in the final stages. However, it will not receive its final coat of paint until the Spring. Royal Tiger 377 is also progressing well with most of the exterior and interior work completed. However, there is still work to do in and around the cab although it is also getting towards the final stage. We’ve suspended work on PD2 / Leyland 1349 until our regular team can return but we have a list of jobs to attack as soon as they can return.

One bus which we haven’t reported on recently is Morecambe & Heysham AEC Regent 111 no.72. This Park Royal bodied bus was exhibited at the 1950 Commercial Motor Show and has been in our collection since the 1970s. The restoration work is well advanced and recently lino was laid on both decks. The next major job will be preparing the seat frames prior to fitting.

And now for something completely different……. We have produced a calendar for 2021 featuring a selection of our buses photographed in service at our events. It has a page for each month and there is also a cover photo. It is available for £11.49 post free – if you would like a copy please contact John Green at:-

[email protected] 

Morecambe 72 making progress