Another near lockdown in Lancashire has restricted our activities recently but we’ve managed to make some progress. Royal Tiger 377 now has its rear windows fitted which means the external glazing is complete. Glass has also been fitted to the doors but these are not yet fitted to the bus. The wiring work on PD2 / Burlingham 1467 has continued with all external lights functioning including the fog light. Like most double deckers the nearside roof panels have received some punishment over the years so these are now being filled and sanded down ahead of painting. Another project making good progress is Morecambe & Heysham 72, a Park Royal / Regent 111. The lino has now been laid on the upper deck; the lower deck will be covered shortly.

With vintage bus parts getting scarcer as the years go by it is essential to store them in good condition. To help with this the Trust has acquired a 40 foot container which will be insulated and fitted with racking. This behemoth is now in place outside our depot.