As reported we’re working in parallel on the restoration of a pair of 1950s PD2s. 1467 is the Burlingham bodied PD2/12 from 1956. Work is now almost complete on the rear wheel arch areas and the next stage will involve rebuilding the rear platform before reinstalling the stairs.

More recently work has started on 1349, a low bridge Leyland bodied PD2/3. The lower nearside has been stripped to allow rebuilding of the basic structure and the floor has been removed to give access to the chassis which is in good condition. This week the engine was fired up for the first time in many years and seemed sound. Joe Gornall who bought 1349 for the nascent RVPG back in 1973 has supplied a photo of the day it was collected from Edwards in the Forest of Dean. Lots still to do but this Lancashire classic will reappear in due course.