A somewhat ironic title for this Blog as severe Covid restrictions mean we can only make limited progress with our projects. Despite that we have moved forward on various issues. In the last Blog mention was made of the problem with 2057’s injector pump. This was repaired and fitted resulting in the engine firing up immediately. A short test run went well and it is planned to have a longer run in the near future. Another bus with engine problems is PD3 1775. So far the issue hasn’t been identified but the bus has now been moved into position to allow work to start. Hopefully the problem can be resolved but we do have a spare engine from donor bus 1793. If necessary that spare engine can be refurbished and fitted in 1775.

Restoration work has continued on PD2 / Burlingham 1467 and the complex task of rewiring the bus has now been completed. The next step is to install the offside front wing and fit the remainder of the cab floor. One small step forward is that new blinds have been fitted. In due course the exterior bodywork will be sanded prior to painting. Only limited work has been possible on our other projects but at least the ‘roadmap’ offers hope of a gradual return to a higher level of activity.