Work continues on PD2s 1349 and 1467, also Royal Tiger 377. With most of the bodywork completed the focus for 1467 is now mechanical and electrical aspects. The most recent action has been connecting the prop shaft from the gearbox to the back axle. Meanwhile external painting continues with additional layers of undercoat applied.

Lowbridge 1349 has been receiving attention to the front dome which had received many bangs over the years from tree branches. The dents have been eliminated and work has also started on beading strips as well as fitting a rain strip to the offside. On order are more window pans, new toughened glass for all the windows and various types of window rubber to allow the windows to be fitted.

Work on Royal Tiger 377 is focussed on the interior with fitting of the seat rails and measurement of the seat spacings. Now that the ceiling painting is complete the interior ventilation grills have been fitted.