Work continues on our restorations with Royal Tiger 377, PD2 1349 and PD2 1467 all making progress. External bodywork on 377 is now almost complete following the fitting of all wheelarches and side beading. Attention is now moving to the interior with refurbishment of the luggage racks. Recent work on 1349 has focussed on the front and rear domes – the destination box at the front has been rebuilt and the mechanism repaired. A new emergency window for the rear upstairs has been made and is being prepared for fitting. It’s easy to underestimate how much work has to go into these smaller items but they are a key part of a quality restoration.

1467 has had more of its internal wiring fitted and the fan heater unit has been fitted under the front canopy. Ceiling panels upstairs have been dry fitted and will soon be fully installed and painted. All springs have been professionally refurbished and are now fitted. The complicated electrically operated doors are fitted and working as is the emergency door.

1467’s wiring upstairs is complete and ceiling panels dry fitted

A new surround for the destination gear has been made for 1349