Various projects making progress this month. PD2 / Burlingham 1467 now has a new exhaust system installed and the links to the rear brakes are mainly in place.

In addition to the fitting of windows to lowbridge PD2 1349 attention has also been paid to the front and rear axles. In both cases the hubs and brake drums have been refurbished and refitted with new brake linings. Although the rear springs are sound the front ones are being removed and sent away for refurbishment.

Work has continued on the interior of Royal Tiger 377 with cove panels fitted at floor level and covered with lino. The extensive remodelling of the rear end is complete and is now being painted. In the near future the floor will be covered with lino and then the windows will be fitted.

As well as restorations members of the running fleet sometimes need more than routine maintenance. A current example is ECW Atlantean 1481 which has had undergone engine repairs as well as dealing with corrosion around the engine bustle area. It has also had a new floor and lino fitted. Now on the point of being put back together ready for the new season.