We have continued to work on our three main projects and good progress is being made.

Work on Royal Tiger 377 has focussed on connecting various instruments to the electrical control panel. Much of this is now complete with a few remaining to be done. Externally the bodywork is being prepared for painting. A full mechanical check will be carried out in the near future.

Morecambe AEC Regent no.72 is also nearing completion. Most of the seats have been refurbished with new padding and moquette and are now fitted. Much of the exterior has been painted in undercoat and awaits its final coat. Once complete it will be the only preselect gearbox bus in the fleet.

Early Leyland National 382 has been receiving plenty of attention to both bodywork and mechanical components. Much pipework has been replaced and a new cab floor fitted. Currently work is underway to renew corroded sections of the suspension system. Many body panels have been replaced and new flooring obtained.