After the excitement of Morecambe the month of June has been mainly devoted to maintenance and restoration. The latter has been focussed on PD2 1349 and Royal Tiger 377. The upper deck side panels of 1349 have been replaced on the nearside and will shortly be done on the offside. Supporting wood sections have been added and it’s been quite surprising to see how much wood is needed on a body which was always described as a Leyland metal framed body. The base of the sunken gangway was in poor condition and a new one has been fabricated.

377 has been receiving attention to two main areas, seek the floor and wiring. It’s been decided to use high quality plywood for the floor and this is gradually being fitted except in the areas where access is still required to the engine etc. A completely new wiring loom is being installed and is in the process of being linked into the control panel. Work is also taking place on the rear dome which was removed in its entirety from donor 386. This is due to the fact that the rear of 377 was heavily modified back in the 1960s when it was converted to incorporate a wheelchair lift. Once fully repaired the dome will be fitted to 377 although there is still work to be done at the back before this can happen.