Plenty of work recently on our restoration projects. External painting of PD2 1467 is continuing; painting helps to show up minor indents on the panels so as these are identified they can be filled, sanded and then painted. Once the next layer of undercoat is added it will be time to start building up the top coat in layers. Other work includes replacing the wiring in and around the cab and continuing to link up mechanical components. The radiator shell was very grubby so that is being cleaned up prior to polishing with Peek (the core is new). Next to be dealt with is the brake rodding and then the various lubricants will be added.

Royal Tiger 377 is making good progress. Recent work has focussed on the interior with panels being covered in rexine and now being fitted. The area around the rear emergency door is nearing completion.

The bodywork of lowbridge PD2 1349 was in poor condition prior to work starting so a lot of effort has gone into rebuilding the basic structure and completely repanelling the bus. That work is now complete so the work has now shifted to the windows. The original window pans were unusable so new ones had to be made and these are now fitted. The original windows were made of ‘greenhouse glass’ so unacceptable today. New ones made with safety glass have been purchased and are being fitted.

In addition to the above good progress is being made with Morecambe & Heysham AEC Regent 72 and Stagecoach B10M 109 as well as the extensive refurbishment of Atlantean 1481. These will be featured in detail in future reports.

Rexine covered panels now being fitted to 377

1467’s radiator is gradually getting cleaner – slowly!