Work has continued over recent weeks despite the risk of frostbite. The focus is on open top VR 1995 which we hope to have ready for our running day at the end of May. It has been fully repanelled externally and a new floor section has been fitted at the front upstairs. Various other minor repairs and improvements have been made.

Work has also progressed on PD2 1467 and Royal Tiger 377. The former has been fully repanelled externally and most of the beading and rain strips have been fitted. Interior ceiling panels are in place downstairs and original style rexine-like material has been fitted to the front bulkhead. Various vacuum and fuel pipes have been removed from donor bus 1455 and these have been refurbished prior to fitting to 1467. Work on 377 has been concentrated on the offside with new panels fitted. The next stage involves the front of the bus including fitting the dome.