Lots going on in our depot. The principal project continues to be White Lady 1279. The lower saloon floor has been fitted and given a covering of lino. The next steps with the interior will be fitting rexine to the side panels and reinstalling the pipes for the heating system. Work continues in parallel on the rear chassis rebuild with spring hangers now fitted. The donor engine seems to be in good condition and is undergoing thorough testing before being fitted. Still plenty to do but we’re making progress.

TD5 2057 is receiving attention to rear brakes and tyres. The brake shoes are being relined and new tyres purchased. While the wheels are off the dishes will be repainted so this old stager will be ready for the new season. Royal Tiger 377 has had the nearside panels fitted and some of the beading has been dry fitted. Work continues on PD2 1349 to renew woodwork throughout the body.