Due to the effects of the pandemic RVPT has revised its events programme for 2021. The main event for this year will be a combined Members Open Day at the Trust’s Freckleton base and a road run of some of the Trust’s operational fleet. The date planned for the event is Sunday 15th August. Although the COVID-19 situation continues to improve, it is possible that some restrictions may still be in place for much of this year, therefore the public will not be carried on the vehicles. However members will be offered the opportunity to attend the Open Day and ride on the vehicles on a pre-booked, first-come-first-served basis that will take account of any social distancing restrictions that could still be in place. Vehicles will depart every half-hour between 1100 and 1500, and will travel from Freckleton village, through Warton, Lytham, St Annes, Blackpool Promenade to Gynn Square, returning via approximately the same route. More detailed information will be announced, including pre-booking arrangements, nearer the time. The Trust’s usual running days at Morecambe and Lytham Hall are postponed until 29th May 2022 for the former, and 17th July 2022 for the latter. The Trust recognises this will be a disappointment for both members and the general public, who have supported both events in growing numbers over the years. However the pandemic has impacted many organisations with much work and development on hold. Under these circumstances, large events have to take second place while they catch up on the basics.

We are sorry that members of the public cannot travel with us this year but we hope you can come out and see our buses along the route. As a taster for the August Road Run, below is a photo of Ribble Leopard 811 and Tiger Cub 452, photographed at the Lakeland Motor Museum in 2019. Both are planned to run in service on the day.

Leopard / Weymann 811 and Tiger Cub 452 will be on the road run